From your family photos we can create a custom style art or a bespoke collage artwork. Above is a sample of what we can do with your photos. After you buy online or visit our gallery we can exchange ideas on the perfect family artwork to reflect your requirements, or let Elky create a bespoke family artwork in his style.
*Customised art – Many styles to choose from including: Pop art, oil painting (like above) contact for more style ideas.
**Bespoke artwork -Depending on size you choose will determine the amount of photos that can be used.

Artwork Sizes: Only 10 available in each size.
A4 – Print only & Canvas= Height 29.7cm x width 21cm* Framed Artwork= Height 44cm x width 34cm*
A3 – Print only & Canvas= Height 42cm x width 29.7cm* Framed Artwork= Height 54cm x width 44cm*
A2 – Print only & Canvas= Height 59.4cm x width 42cm* Framed Artwork= Height 74cm x width 54cm*
A1 – Print only & Canvas= Height 84cm x width 59.4cm* Framed Artwork= call for more details.
* Above is portrait sizes for landscape reverse.

After buying online what happens next?

Answer: 1) We will send you a link to upload your photo to. 2) After we have the photo we will start work on your artwork. 3) On completion of artwork (Finish option selected) we will send to your address.

How Long will it take?

Answer: Depending on options selected most artwork is completed between 7 -10 days then depending on postage/location.

For more FAQ please see our FAQ page, Thank You


Family Artwork

From your photos of your family we are able to create a bespoke collage artwork, or a customised style from our wide selection. Perfect for birthdays and gifts.